Thinking about counselling? Unsure – but do need someone to talk to?

Possibly something has happened or changed in your life – maybe you’ve suffered a significant loss – and you’re struggling with that.

It might be that you feel like you’re just going through the motions.

Perhaps there’s something you need to talk about – but you don’t want everyone to know.

Maybe you can’t say exactly what is wrong. Maybe there’s nothing wrong but you’d like to explore the questions and possibilities that are on your mind?

Counselling is a kind of “Talking Therapy” that offers a safe space in which to explore thoughts and feelings, particularly when they are having a detrimental effect on your day-to-day living. The process aims to give you an opportunity to change – to realise your potentials – and consequently to live in a more satisfying way.

Counselling is not for everyone – and not every counsellor is suitable for every client. For those who are unsure about the process, I would be pleased to meet for an exploratory discussion (not a counselling session) so that we can see if we can work together. This would be for up to 60 minutes, at half-price and with no obligation. Trust is crucial in counselling and I suggest you follow your instincts, when choosing with whom to work.

As a counsellor, my job is to use my skills, training and personal qualities to form a therapeutic relationship with the client. The process of therapy can be a difficult one, so it is important that we can work together in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Within the Person-Centred approach to counselling, advice is not given.  However, there may be times when it would be appropriate to signpost you on to other services or sources of help and information.

Counselling is different from talking with a friend, family member, doctor, religious minister, etc.  An important distinction is that it is a “contracted” process.  This means that we enter into a formal agreement about what is expected and required.  This contract is signed by both parties before counselling begins.

Click to open an example of a one-to-one counselling contract.

A downloadable copy of my Privacy Policy is available here.

More information on Person-centred therapy can be found online, such as: 

It may be that the sort of counselling I offer can help you achieve a more satisfying life. Please get in contact to find out.