Or something like that.

Dostoyevsky has made a few appearances recently. In that way that seems unnecessarily random and suspiciously coincidental.  Mostly Crime and Punishment – but now White Nights:

“But how could you live and have no story to tell?”

There are times when any of us may feel small and insignificant. Maybe when seeing that picture of a blue dot, taken from space, or when overcome by the weight of world events, or when standing next to someone we admire for being everything we believe that we are not.

In the counselling room, I listen to people telling their stories. Negotiating their autobiographies.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Stories to tell – stories that define / create who we are. Sometimes, we tell ourselves stories about ourselves, in order to construct a reality with a clear and plausible perspective. Point of view is important in story-telling and, oddly perhaps, a first-person account gives us the opportunity to see ourselves from the outside. Especially when we permit another person to re-present that narrative back to us.

If you are tempted or encouraged to present yourself as unremarkable, safe or even inconspicuous, then maybe it’s time to choose to create a transition story. With you as the main protagonist.

Deep breath …

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