Independent Counselling: David Simon. Newcastle upon Tyne
Hello!  My name is David Simon and I am a therapeutic counsellor based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Welcome to my website for Independent Counselling.

What I do is called Person-Centred counselling.  I work one-to-one with adult clients in a private and confidential setting.  My aim is to offer a therapeutic environment in which the client and myself can work together, to safely explore the client’s emotionally difficult and/or complex personal issues.

In Person-Centred work this is achieved by listening, of course, but in a way that genuinely tries to understand and fully accept who you are. The idea is that in a therapeutic relationship where you are not judged or pushed in particular directions, you are free to find your own path.

Independent Counselling: David Simon. Newcastle upon TyneThank you for visiting my website. Please explore.  Contact me if you would like to pursue the idea of counselling further…